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Argentina’s Changing History, as Seen Through 100 Years of Beauty Ideals

Fashion, Style & Architecture

By Global Voices

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Argentina's Declaration of Independence, released the powerful video “100 Years of Beauty: Argentina” (100 años de belleza: Argentina), the 24th video in the 100 Years of Beauty series.

Uploaded to YouTube on 26 October, this tribute to Argentina takes scarcely more than a minute to use the changing trends in feminine beauty to summarise the significant historical events and cultural icons that have marked every decade of Argentinian history since 1910. It is the story of an entire century told in images and symbols.

Revisiting the last century of Argentina's turbulent history, with its times of struggle, hope, numerous recessions, wars and six coup d'états, and then condensing it into such a short video, required a great deal of research by the production team. They had to choose hairstyles, make-up, accessories and appropriate gestures with great care, to demonstrate both the changes in fashion and in the personality and the history of the Argentinian people.

This mini documentary begins with the Modernism era of the early 20th century, bringing out icons like the beloved former first lady Eva Perón, a big symbol in the country's history, and the actress and glamour model Isabel “Coca” Sarli, considered the quintessential sex symbol of Argentina. It then moves to the dark times of... (Read More)

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